Best Weed Killer for Arizona in 2020

Just like plants, weeds grow best in climates to which they are most adapted. Knowing the specific climate zone of the location, in this particular case Arizona, makes it dealing with these weeds that much easier. while the type of weeds, the age of the weeds, in the extent of the infestation, make a difference - what is more important is the high and low temperatures and the precipitation in the region.

So, what is the best weed killer for Arizona? Let’s find out.

High temperature and low precipitation.

Temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with no precipitation before application, or several days after,  make for an ideal time to apply any kind of weed killer. fortunately, Arizona has plenty of that. because all weed killers need some time to work, it is best to apply a weed killer at least 24 to 48 hours after it rains, and at least 48 hours before any forecasted rain. The higher the temperature during the application, the better. High temperatures allow the weed killer to penetrate the leaves and eradicate the foliage and The Roots.

Make sure to use a surfactant or a wedding agent.

While applying a weed killer in Arizona is effective on its own, to improve the product efficacy, we recommend using a wetting agent to enhance its performance. A wetting agent improves the stickiness of the weed killer, allowing it to make better contact with the leaves. This contract ensures that the weed killer can penetrate quicker, allow you to use less of the product. Ultimately you want to apply as little weed killer as possible, to ensure you're not harming the environment.

Use a fine mist setting on your sprayer.

To ensure the best coverage, you want to set your sprayer to the finest Miss setting possible. this will allow the weed killer to disperse better, making sure you useless, while achieving good coverage. you're not using the stream setting.  using a stream setting does not achieve the best contact between the weed killer and the leaves, causing the weed killer 2 drips to the ground, where will be rendered less effective. Old sprayers:  backpack,  pump, or hand sprayer,  have multiple adjustable settings. Check with the manufacturer before applying the weed killer.

Spray the leaves and not the soil.

To get the best results when applying a weed killer in Arizona, always make sure that you spray the leaves and the stem of the plant rather than the soil around it. most weed killers work on contact, meaning that they need to make contact with the leaves to work. spraying the soil renders them ineffective, potentially polluting the environment.

Why should you consider Eco- Garden Pro as a weed killer for Arizona?

Eco Garden Pro weed killer is in organic vinegar-based weed killer, designed to work on contact. It is non-selective and we'll work on all grasses and broad leaf weeds. Because it works on contact and works great in the hot Arizona weather, it is an ideal choice for eradicating pesky weeds and grasses in Arizona. You must be asking yourself, will it work for me and my backyard? Yes, Eco Garden Pro weed killer works great for lawns, flower beds, to eradicate dandelions, dispose of weeds on your driveway, as well as general maintenance or around the house and the backyard.

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