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Eco Living Solutions | Snow & Ice Melt - 10 lbs

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Eco Living Solutions Pet Safe Ice Melt

Eco Living Solutions - Pet Friendly Ice Melt is designed as a safe alternative to conventional rock salt. Formulated with calcium chloride, instead of sodium chloride (rock salt), this pet safe ice melt will work down to -25°F - when other deicers refreeze and fail. But why should you choose Eco Home & Garden Pet Friendly Ice Melt? Let me tell you:

⛄ Pet Friendly - Because of the unique prilled shape of our calcium chloride, your pet's paws will stay safe from sharp and jagged rock salt crystals. This prevents cuts and irritation after walks outside - so that both of you can enjoy winter walks together.

❄️ Works Great - Calcium chloride ice melt has lower working temperature (-25°F) than rock salt, potassium chloride, or magnesium chloride. Under extreme weather conditions, Eco Home & Garden Ice Melt continues to work hard, melting tough ice and snow, while all other products refreeze.

🧂 Better than Rock Salt - Our ice melt for snow not only works on ice, but also works as snow melt. More importantly, unlike rock salt for ice, which will erode concrete and paved surfaces, our calcium chloride ice melt can be safely applied to all treated concrete, asphalt, and wooden areas (decks & patios).

Still hesitant? Here is just a short list of how Eco Home & Garden Calcium Chloride Ice Melt can be used:

  • de icer for sidewalks
  • driveway salt
  • roofmelt ice melt
  • pet safe melting salt for snow

Above all else, because of it's unique design - Eco Home & Garden Ice Melt is very concentrated, requiring only a fraction of the application amount compared to rock salt and other deicers. This means that our product will cover up to 34x more area than conventional rock salt. For you, this means that you get more value for your dollar, and less time spent salting your driveway.

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